About us

We as Yalova Marin Shipping LTD are working with a team more than 25 years of sector experience and Located at the Altınova Yalova Shipyard area.

Ensure all your needs are being met when it comes to your ship and cargo. Yalova Marin Shipping Agency is a full-service shipping agency serving the all Turkish ports. Our wide range of services sets us apart from the competition. 

Call at any Turkish ports and know you will be represented by experienced vessel agents and hub agents. Yalova Marin Shipping Ltd. in Altinova Yalova area, offers complete services to ship owners, managers, operators, and their charterers.

Our Office is close to the Shipyard of Altinova Yalova and can assist your good vessel in good and safe conditions.

yalova marin shipping
Our Vision

Yalova Marin Shipping Ltd, is to lead and cover all aspects of effective, efficient and safe agency services tailored to vessel’s needs at one of the most important and busiest waterways and energy hub in the World. Yalova Marin Shipping Ltd goes beyond the ship agency services with an extensive range of Shipyard operations and all services of vessel’s necessity all Turkish port’s and Turkish straights.

Our Mission

We hereby declare that we will always follow up principles very closely, satisfy our quality standarts and fulfill our ethical values. Yalova Marin Shipping Ltd, will always be trustworthy in these mesaurements, the Turkish Straights and Ports.